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'The Newlyweds' - Another Proven Fake Injury from the Boston Marathon Bombing

by - VTI


UPDATE - The woman in these photographs has been identified in fake news stories as Victoria McGrath. The firefighter (he appears to be a real fireman) has been identified as "Jimmy Plord." It looks from an interview like the fireman might have genuinely been duped into believing that Victoria's "injury" was real.

UPDATE 2 - The fireman Jimmy Plourd (also spelled Plourde) is evidently not innocent after all. In a video entitled "Victoria's Secrets", it has been revealed that Plourde was probably operating a hand pump for fake blood with his right hand; hence the strange position of his hand while carrying Victoria. The pump can actually be seen in a closeup of Victoria on a gurney.

All, or nearly all, of the injuries sustained during the Boston Marathon bombing, were fake. There may have been some real injuries; but after many hours of careful examination by many dedicated investigators, a verified serious injury from the "bombs" has yet to be found.

For indisputable proof that an amputee actor was used to fake an injury at the Boston Marathon bombing, see -

For examples of other amputee actors in innocent and productive action, see -

Though there has not appeared yet a single authentic shrapnel wound from this "shrapnel bomb", I am certain many innocent bystanders (actors not included as 'innocent') suffered hearing loss, anguish, emotional trauma, and disrupted lives from the perfidious act of staging the bombing. My sympathy goes to these victims. As to the designers and actors; I am certain many laws were broken, and felony frauds committed in doing so. It will not take long to figure out who they were.

GASH LADY - Another Proven Fake Injury, from the Boston Marathon Bombing

Frame By Frame Analysis Crisis Actors Preparing ' Double Amputee' After Boston Bombing

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